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The Lakeland is bold, friendly and confident but has a quiet disposition. While he is well suited for a variety of living situations including rural and urban settings, the Lakeland's energy level makes him well suited for an active lifestyle. His coat shed minimally.

K-9 Social Skill and Interaction is necessary after you take a puppy home.  DO NOT isolate the puppy from other dogs.  It needs interaction to remain in tune with K9 connection.  Terriers who are isolated and live only with people forget how to be dog friendly.  Do your part, find playmates that have a good disposition in all sizes; good nature is a must.  This insures that your terrier will always look forward to play and interaction with other dogs, rather than being a bully or aggressive towards other dogs. The most important time is 2-12 months.  Puppy Kindergarten is recommended at 16 weeks. This is the ideal age for learning and doing things your way.  Six months plus is the teenage stage and sometimes they area a little more independent and head strong.  I recommend Cesar Milan "Dog Whisperer" to get in tune to the "Leader of the Pack" method of training, because Terriers can be head strong and somewhat stubborn. The key to success is being the leader and starting young with the process.  Cesar's theory and skills, with body language, is key to success.  Have fun in training and your dog will enjoy and excel.

Male or Female debate is the most asked question I get.  In my experience one is not better than another. Its like our kids, no two are quite alike, each has individual traits and quirks that make him Unique. Sex is not responsible for smarter, sweeter or easier to train. Neutering & Spaying is best for any pet. So choose the puppy NOT the sex.

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Lakeland Terrier Breeder of 2017 Award.

Wag! has analyzed top Lakeland Terrier breeders and cross-referenced positive social mention data with top analytics platforms. Your site was a clear winner with U.S. pet owners over the last 12 months. For context, Wag! awards breeders with best-in-class online buzz, content, visuals, and most importantly, a strong cause and devotion toward their breed of dogs.

Thomas Terriers based in Ulman, MO is a Top 2017 Lakeland Terrier Breeder!

Owned by Judy and Bob

Dregon in Texas
Owned by Amber Espinoza

Hi Joy,

Its been just over a year since Hayden (Reva) came home with us in Chicago, and we couldn't be happier with her. We also recommended you to a family friend, which brought home one of your Lakelands.

Wanted to send a quick email with a few pictures, Merry Christmas!
Owned by Joe Madison, Chicago
Tippi Ridin Toby (Canadian Horse)
Owned by Sabina Pierce In Pennsylvania

Owned by Lawrence and Renee Grant
North Carolina

wned by  Wanda Derth

Owned by Ken Cook


Owned by Daniel Nelson

Owned by Wendy Geisendorder

Libby, Graduation
Owned by Al and Gerri  Kirchner

Joy Thomas
671 Hwy C
Ulman, MO 65083

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