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Shipping and Delivery

We hope to make the delivery or shipping process more understandable to you…. And give you a sense of TRUST.

Joy Thomas

Personal Delivery
We would love to be able to meet each Family and offer a Personal Delivery. If you live in Central United States often we CAN! If you are willing to spend a DAY driving and can meet us , we will consider this possibility. The important factor is the LEAST amount of STRESS on the puppy. All day in the car is not the better choice , compared to 3-4 hour flight. Gas and Time requirement are also a consideration.

We evaluate each Delivery and base a Price on Time, Gas Expense & Motel if overnight. We compare to Air Transportation cost versus Personal Delivery cost and give you the Options.

Just let us know what State & closest Major City ……

We are happy to work out the Details !!


Shipping by Priority Air
Cost is $250. This includes Air Fare, Health Certification from our Veterinarian & Travel Training Crate. We have been using Air Transportation for over 20 years . It's Very Safe. We handle all arrangements for you . We use the Airlines that Specialize in Animal Transport. Please give us your Airport Preferences in order of choice. We turn this information over to our Shipping Agent who works out details based on Available flights, Temperature Requirements , Space Available and so on. You are then given the information needed :

Airline 800# to confirm booking and determine location of pick up

Flight #s & Arrival Times based on your time zone

Air Bill / Reservation

Below is an outlined Step by Step Detail of the Process:

A few days Prior to the day of Transport our Veterinarian Dr Bryant will give the puppy his final examination and issue a Health Certification, which travels with the puppy and is required by the airlines. You will also receive a copy of this certification.

A travel or shipping crate is prepared, based on your puppies Size and Space Requirement. Lots of shredded paper are placed in the Crate. Puppies are very entertained by shredded papers, and delight in digging and playing in them. The primary use of the shredded paper is to absorb any accident that occurs, however the puppy thinks this is Extreme Fun !! The puppy does not get into the shipping crate until about 20 minutes before flight departure. Its just ready ! A Soft Toy that is sent from home to give familiar smell and entertain. Food & Water in a special clip on style that is non spill.

Our goal is to keep the puppy Active and Entertained on the way to the Airport, and while we are at the airport. We have a large Playpen Wire Style Cage in the back of our Van for traveling to the Veterinarian or the Airport. This allows freedom to play and see all that is going on. Usually several puppies from the litter are going to the airport on same day, so they have lots of companionship and play!

When we arrive at the Cargo Facility Office, its very relaxed and we have the puppies on leash. We check in , while the puppies are being greeted by airline attendants and other people & dogs that are preparing to travel.

They are having FUN! New Experiences are so EXCITING!

A confident , happy go lucky puppy has no fear of a new experience. The Puppy anticipates fun and enjoys the experience.

The puppy is taken outside to go potty about 30 minutes before flight.

This is not the passenger terminal, it’s the cargo offices, and there is a grass yard and parking right in front.

The Airline attendant notifies us that the puppies need to be put in crates, and an Airline Van comes to pick up the puppy. We are ready!

The puppy goes in Crate and has his toy from home & food, water . Away he goes. NAP TIME!! Its been an exciting day , and the noise of the engines is boring. This induces SLEEP.

You will need Identification to pick up the puppy.

Your puppy will arrive Refreshed. Take him immediately to grass, gravel or newspapers. Bring a damp cloth and towel, just in case you have to spot clean. Sometime the shredded paper dust causes eye irritation, just clean corners of eye with damp wet paper towel. Your puppy will be a little uncertain of you . Talk to him softly and hold him securely. In just a few minutes he will start to show off his personality with confidence!

Thank You for Trusting us to choose the best possible means of Transportation for your Puppy .

Joy Thomas
671 Hwy C
Ulman, MO 65083

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