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The Welsh Terrier is a handsome Black & Tan dog; lots of personality and a fun loving spirit !

Super great family companion, ideal size for a great companion.  Small enough to lift if needed, but agile enough to jump in the car and very athletic. Always looking for adventure, like most Terriers, and loves and adores his family. Welsh Love kids and People in general.

Non Shed Hypo Allergenic, Low Dander producer. Almost any one with allergies can be safe with this breed. Coat is easy to brush weekly, and Groom every 6-8 wks. Grooming options include Natural Teddy Bear Look or more tailored Terrier Groom. This is accomplished with a 5 F blade on the body and 10 blade on ears . *Hand stripping is not needed unless you are actively showing. Taking a photo to your groomer will greatly help and getting a groomer with Terrier experience is a must as well.

Welsh are active, happy dogs. They do best in a home with fenced yard, however if you live in an apartment and are willing to walk for exercise, that's fine too! They love to travel and go for car rides, happiest when a companion that goes everywhere the family goes!

Welsh Terriers are very intelligent and can be taught almost anything, however they do have a somewhat stubborn side and can be strong willed. Firm assertive training and being constant in leadership role is needed. They are a wonderful breed, but must know you are the pack leader, or they will accept the role , and take over the household !

Welsh Terriers love to chase varmint, squirrels and rabbits, and love the smells and sounds of outdoors. If you have a fenced enclosure or a safe acreage, then you can allow to be free. However if in the city, a leash at all times is needed. Impulsive excitement can cause them to dart off after a chase or smell and this can be dangerous.

Non Shed & Hypo Allergenic are extreme plus also!  Grooming varies from every 6 -12 wks, depending on the look you prefer. Tailored and Sharp show look, or Scruffy Natural look. Weekly brushing and a monthly bath with gentle shampoo is all they need to stay in good condition.  Striping the coat can be done, and is required in showing to keep the coat the correct texture and retain color clarity. In pets, clippers are used to create the same look with correct blade choices. My favorites are 5 for body 10 for ears.

K -9 Social Skill & Interaction is very much necessary after you take a puppy home. Do NOT isolate the puppy from other dogs. It needs interaction to remain in tune with K9 connection.  Terriers who are isolated and live only with people, forget how to be Dog Friendly. Do your part, find Playmates that are good disposition and all sizes; good nature is a must. This insures that your terrier will always look forward to play and interacting with other dogs, rather than being a bully or aggressive towards other dogs. Most important time 2-12 months.  Puppy Kindergarten is recommended at 16 wks. This is the ideal age for learning and doing things your way.  Six months plus is the teenager stage and sometimes a little more independent and head strong. I recommend Ceasar Milan CD Dog Whisperer to get in tune to the “Leader of the Pack” method of training , because Terriers can be head strong and somewhat stubborn. The key to success is being the Leader and starting young with the process. Ceasar's theory and skills with body language is key to success. Have fun in Training and your dog will enjoy and excel.

Male or Female debate is the most asked question I get.  In my experience one is not better than another. Its like our kids, no two are quite alike, each has individual traits and quirks that make him Unique. Sex is not responsible for smarter, sweeter or easier to train. Neutering & Spaying is best for any pet. So choose the puppy NOT the sex.

Mature size will be 20-24 lbs; males being slightly larger.

Available Puppies

Safe Shipping $250; includes Crate for Travel & Training, Insurance and Air Fare.
Delivery if you live in Central U.S. States we will consider driving to meet you .

2 Year Health Guarantee, Health Records, Registration Paperwork, Payment Options



Hey Joy,

This is Nathan and Jennifer Gambill of Troutman. NC. It has been a long time since we last spoke (around Sept 8th to be exact --- the day Baxter flew to NC). When he was a pup, you had named him Evon (we call him Baxter). Just wanted to check in and give you an update on Baxter.

First, let me say the experience working with you back in the Fall was a real pleasure. It is always scary to purchase something expensive over the Internet, especially one of God's living creatures, but you made everything as smooth as possible. I deeply appreciate how well the initial contacts went as well as the puppy selection, the initial payment, the plane reservations, the flight itself, and the health of Baxter upon arrival here in NC. Baxter continues to thrive with us and we couldn't be happier.

Baxter is a male Irish Terrier born June 30th 2017 in your care. He is now about 7 and 1/2 months old and weighs 37lbs. at this time. He has always been rambunctious from day one and I love to wrestle around with him as well as my wife and 2 teenage boys. He likes to chew everything no matter what it is so taking your advice about having many available chew toys and a big variety of them around the house was great advice.

House training, the worst part of any puppy experience, took a good 4 months of either crating during down time or keeping on a short 6-8ft leash in the family room during play time and letting him out constantly (like every 30 minutes). This was the tough times so we are glad these bad days are behind us :-) . He has it all down pretty good now with almost zero accidents in the last 30 days.

I have taken Baxter to the vet several times so I'm pretty sure he is up on all his shots and is in a healthy condition. We plan to have him groomed for the first time this coming week. Thus far we have just used a razor comb and hand-mit brush to comb him out once a week or so.

Here are the things that I read about Irish Terriers and that I have now experienced personally that really amazed me or I found interesting:
- They present a "tough-as-nails" demeanor, and don't respect weak personalities (you better come prepared to rough-house or you just need not show-up). But once their energy is down a few levels at the end of the day, they can present the most kind, loving demeanor of any dog out there.
- Their energy abounds and they don't back down from challenges (they desire to win every battle so hot-heads will not do well with this dog bread). I believe this dog would be a disaster for anyone who is not willing to exercise them at least one to two hours a day, or willing to train them to use the treadmill for one hour a day. This is definitely a NO high-rise apartment bread, and definitely not for elderly or non-active couples. Also, I feel they are a little too rambunctious for babies so under 2 years old, but could be ok if the child was kept off the floor when the dog was feeling energetic and playful. Also you should be prepared to play and rough-house with the dog a couple of times a day for 10-15 mins. a session as they love this.
- We have a small fox terrier named Riley that is about 11 years old and about 9 lbs. Baxter (Irish Terrier) tried to dominate Riley (Small Fox Terrier) from "day one" when he arrived. This domination mainly consisted of stealing toys, stealing snacks, pouncing at him in a playful way, standing directly over him, or pushing his body into him pinning him against the couch. Fortunately, none of the domination was done in a mean spirited or violent way, and now, even though the domination continues, my fox terrier just kind of accepts and ignores it, although he will standup to Baxter if he gets real angry. Baxter seems to accept the nips at his face as justified punishment for his dominating tricks, so it all works out in a non-violent way. We love to watch Baxter try to share a toy with Riley and play tug-of-war, which usually happens at least once a day. So based on this, I would say Irish Terriers can get along with probably most all dogs unless the other dog has major insecurity issues.
- Irish Terriers are very rugged outdoor dogs. I love that Irish Terriers are built for the outdoors and for rough-and-tumble activities. The couple of times I have taken Baxter to the woods for extended hikes over several hours (I live beside a state park), he seem to come alive more than ever, feeling perfectly adapted in the rough wooded terrain. I am so looking forward to my first overnight hiking/camping trip with Riley that I will be going on Feb 23rd. He has the Ruff Gear backpack (size small) and is use to carry about 10% of his body weight (I put it on him on all our daily walks and he feels perfectly happy with it).

In summary, I cant be happier with my decision to get Baxter. He is a great dog and a close friend. Thanks so much Joy for making this happen. I had looked around for a Irish Terrier pup for about 6-9 months before I contacted you and you said you had some pups available. I would warn anyone looking for an Irish Terrier that you have to be patient as this search process can take a long time to first find a legitimate reputable breeder, and then get validation that the breeder has a pup available for sale.

Thanks again Joy for making the whole experience smooth!!!


Nathan & Jennifer Gambill
Baxter's Family


Dear Joy,

We appreciated receiving the pedigree information for our Welsh Terrier puppy which you mailed us.

Everyone in the family (adults, grandkids, dogs and cats) loves puppy Abigail (Abbi)! She has attended puppy socialization sessions and recently started obedience classes. At this point, she is much better at socialization than obedience! During the past 4 months, Abbi has visited the Gulf Coast in Alabama, St. Louis, and Kansas City!

As you can tell from the attached recent photographs, Abbi is a friendly and curious 6 month old puppy!

Many thanks to you and your staff,

John & Emily


All is well with Bryn. She is eating, and growing, and for a Terrier obedient enough. She sleeps a good seven to eight hours at night
Easy pickup at the airport . Ran in pool once and fell in twice. Good learning experience. Thank you for Bryn.
Jaffe family
Austin TX

It has been a long time since I have checked in with you. I can’t begin to explain the love we have for Gracie. She has become the perfect family dog. She loves the kids, plays so well with them. I am constantly tripping over her because she never leaves my side. She is so darn sweet, we just love her to pieces!

owned by Samantha Burns


In this Christmas we want to share a family picture with Gunner. He has grown to be so sensible and carrying. He is very fun and playful.
Gunner Family

the Leon Family with Gunner in Chicago
Oliver Mac

Hi Joy,
We were looking today at the first picture you sent to us of our boy- then puppy Zack and now Oliver Mac. He was born 8/3/2012 and he arrived to us in Fl around 10/10 or 10/12/2012. Just wanted to send a snap and let you know what a lovely boy he is! He is ALL terrier-very busy and curious, but smart as a whip and (finally) so affectionate, and of course spoiled nearly rotten. He swims every day and spooks the squirrel population in the backyard. He is the light of our lives! Thanks for a great pup!
Brad and Gina Hogan-Fort Myers, Florida


Just wanted to send you a picture of Oliver He is a wonderful member of our family.
Merry Christmas! Page from Tennessee.

                       Rosie Working Puzzle
owned by Anne Franklin GALVESTON ISLAND TX.

Hi Joy,
Here are some of my favorite Rosie pics. Feel free to use them on your web page. I'd be glad to write a testimonial if you'd like one.

She won $50 in a photo contest for the one in her Halloween dress on an Airedale group I belong to. The money was for charity and we donated it to ATRA (airedale terrier rescue) who I volunteer with. :-)

I am sending you a separate email with a video (Above) of her working her puzzle.


"Life is Rough..."
JASPER is owned by Andi Hinkle
Coral Springs FLORIDA

Jaspers New Summer Hairdo


We just want to share a picture of Rover on his 1st Birthday! He is a handful but we enjoy every minute with him. Thank you so much!

Rosa and Luis Coto
New York- NY


We are Thomas & Anna Cameron

Zoe was shipped from your place to Las Vegas, 160 miles from Lake Havasu City.
We spend the summer in Colorado working for the forest service,
Zoe is our greeter
Best dog we ever had, not a barker & she loves everybody, dogs & humans 😍
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406 

Hope you're having a great summer! Zoe is one and Zach is two We are great friends! Just looked at the pics on your website. Why aren't we there?

We are so sorry that it took us this long to send you pictures of our puppy. We bought him from you in February. Rizzo is doing great...FULL of energy but he fits in with our family very well. He loves to play and he actually plays soccer (just himself) with an old basketball in our backyard..............back and forth and back and forth. Rizzo is very entertaining to say the least. We have 3 kids ages 20, 17 and 15 and they have all loved being able to spend time with him this summer. He will miss them all when they go back to college/highschool.

Hope all is well with you!
Dawn and Paul Lehmann


I adopted a girl Welsh Terrier from a litter of 3 over two years ago that was born on February 2015. I named my little girl Reese, and my family and I call her Reesey Piece or Reesey Pup.

She is healthy, loves to go on long walks with my parents and I, and is the sweetest furchild that I could have asked for. I don't know if you have Instagram or not, but I made one for Reese and you can follow her if you want. Her name is @ReeseTheWelshie

I have attached some photos of her that are also on her page.

The Irish terrier is her fur-cousin/ my sister's dog, Molly, which is basically Reese's big sister and protector. The picture of her with the cake was her first birthday right before her first haircut--I have made her a homemade cake for both birthdays and plan to continue that tradition.


Thank you again for giving me the first love of my life.

Natalie Harpenau
Purdue University: Biology


Owned by Gregory Family

Owned by Helen MacKay

Owned by Nicky Eng
Lori Seeger and her new puppy
 1st day

She arrived before yesterday's storms and was a bit quiet when I took her out of her crate at the airport. As the evening wore.on she regained her confidence and independence.




Charming is one very smart and outgoing puppy. He learns very quick and is also very fun. Thank you for blessing our family with this handsome boy! He now knows that if he wants anything he must sit and wait. When he wants to use the bathroom he knows to either go to the door or use the pad! He learns fast and he has sooooo much energy. He is so fun and so crazy. That's why he fits in with our family so well! Haha thank you so much Joy.

-Manokian Family

Hi Joy!

We got your letter in the mail on Monday. Thank you!

Wilson is getting bigger and is growing fast! He weighed in at 9.3 pounds at the vet on Saturday. He was just 3 pounds when we got him.  He is doing great. He is learning to sit, lay, stand, and we are working on walking on a leash. Kind of a picky eater, won't eat dry food without cottage cheese, shredded chicken or scrambled egg. We don't mind as we know he's getting good protein.

He is very energetic, loves playing fetch with his ball, and loves to play with other puppies. He will show love to anyone that walks in the door and he especially likes kids. We take him to puppy school on Mondays and he would much rather play than learn. So we have a lot of homework! He has brought such joy to Michael and me, we are so happy!

Here are some pictures of him. I'm not sure what forms of social media you or your family use but Wilson does have an Instagram account that we post pictures to. Wilson.the.welsh

Let me know if you cannot see the attached pictures and I'll resend them.  

Emily Aldrich

Owned by the White Family

Owned by Janell Martin

RBI (Ribby)
Owned by the Smith Family
Janell Martin

Dear Joy,


Maksoum will be 6 months in 4 days and I am sending you this pictures to let you know how he been doing. He is growing happy and healthy, he goes to puppy daycare to socialize sometimes and to have a blast, his first time to one that has a swimming pool they told me that he was the first one to jump on it, been that his first time, I am happy for him and also proud because here in North Carolina, everywhere we go people always told me how cute and friendly he is. Maksoum had bough me tons of happiness, we are still working on his training but I can tell he is very very smart, also with a strong personality and own will but very smart, with the right direction and love he learns fast.

I just love him very much! Thank you again and we will keep in touch!



Owned by Caitlin Burns

Owned by Jordan & Jesse Talley

Owned by Bellanca family
YAWN after waking from nap...

Hi Joy,

I received the papers for Arya. Thanks again.  As you can see she is growing fast!  She is a lovely pup, full of energy and very loving.  She gets along well with the family dogs and even the cat!  Everyone loves her. How can you resist that face!

Wishes for a wonderful New Year to you and yours,



Tillie, Celebrating her Birthday!
Owned by Nancy Ruzic

Delayne, Halloween
Owned by Kelsey Kevin


owned by Tracey Coetzee


Hi Joy,


Just wanted to give you an update on Arlo as he is almost nearing his first birthday (8/15)!!!


He is such a sweet, loving, and happy puppy (he's always smiling in his pictures).  He has so much energy too, even after our outings, play groups, and runs, he could still play for hours.  We couldn't have asked for a better dog.


I've attached some pictures of Arlo on the go around NYC.


I also wanted to inquire about getting Arlo a sister or brother Welshie.  I wanted to know what you thought would be best for him and his personality (i.e. very playful and energetic).


I look forward to hearing from you.

 Thank you,


Owned by Huddleston Family   

Owned by Brenda and Joe Hoffman

Owned by Peggy and Dennis
Hi Joy!
  I wanted to send you pictures of Lulu's changes (known as Maggie to you) as she has grown.  We love this spunky little girl like crazy!  She is a mess and has brought so much joy to our life already.  Let us know if you ever have any "clearance" wire fox terriers because of their markings.  We love Lulu's white spots!  She has white throughout her saddle too but we love her just how she is!  Thank you!
Ethan & Mandy Watters

Remy Olivia
Owned by James Engel   

Bleek, Chicago IL
Owned by Rondel Richardson

Owned by Olga Minovich
New York

 Hi Joy,


Wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Sammy bringing us the news paper, she started doing this all on her own, she is so proud that she got the paper.  These pictures are taken from the back patio, she has to go around to the front to get the paper.  Last week we had an invisible fence put in, she caught on to this very fast.



Vickie Helvey

Hi Joy, 

First I must say “thank you”.  I had no idea how truly sad I was over missing my “Molly” until Kelly showed up with “Bailey”.  I was totally and thoroughly surprised.  We had not completely decided that we would actually get another dog.  But I am sure glad that Kelly made the decision to get her.

Bailey is such a cool puppy with a mind and determination all of her own!  Since her arrival there has not been a dull moment.  All of the traits that a “welshie” is supposed to have she definitely does.

Bailey, Owned by Sara in California

Hi Joy,

Thought that you'd be interested in how Dylan is doing now that he is two years old.  He has become a great companion for my wife and me and provides a lot entertainment and fun for us (and he has fun, too).  The following are a couple of photos from one of the terrier races he competed in at the Missouri Earth Dog Memorial Day Bash, he's the one with the orange muzzle and yellow collar.  He was racing against several border terriers and a westie.  In the race in the pictures he finished 2nd, but he also had a couple of first place finishes in earlier races.  The Bash event attracts mostly Jack Russel's but I had several Jack owners ask me where we got Dylan because they wanted to have an energetic terrier that is not so "out-of-control" like a lot of Jacks tend to be.  I passed on your kennel's name to them.

Regards,   Allan and Dona Halfar      

Hello Joy!
I am forwarding to you a new picture of Gracie Mae who is cuddling with her best friend Kelso, our 80 lb. Yellow Lab. ( He is actually white). Gracie Mae is about 18 weeks old now, I think. What a "Tazmanian Devil" is she!!!!!!!!!!
So much fun! And although she terrorizes Kelso, he is so good to her. He has never even growled at her when she is playing very rough with him! And she sure has made him yelp in pain a few times!
We are having a great time with her. Many times she actually looks just like a stuffed-toy- animal! She is doing great sleeping in her crate. Thanks for telling us how to crate train her. She sleeps all through the night in it and takes a couple 2 hour naps each day in it as well. Kelso is grateful for that too!!!!!!!!!!! She has added much fun and love to our home since our Black Lab "Tobie" passed on.

God Bless you!
Ken and Michelle Shaw, Boise, Idaho

Owned by Krista Erdmann

Henry, Missouri
Owned by Jodi Randall

Riley, New York
Owned by Jessica Wines

Arlo, Owned by the Kruses

Winston, Owned by Steve

Ginger, Owned by Sherril Green

Hi Joy,


Wanted to give you an update. Last year I had emailed you telling you about how our first child was stillborn just 10 days before his due date. We bought a welsh terrier from you soon after and named her Siena. We were so distraught over the loss of our child and thought a puppy would be a good distraction for us.Since Caleb's passing we have welcomed his little sister, Abigail. She is now almost a year old! Her and Siena have become best friends. We still consider Siena "Caleb's puppy" since we got her in honor of him. Siena has helped us heal so much and now we are thrilled to share her with Abigail. Thought this would be a cute picture for the website! Thank you-we love our welsh terrier!


RyAnne Carr

Another month has passed and I recommend your business to any and all interested parties. Bacon continues to do wonderfully. My son and Bacon have developed a very special bond which is far more than I could have wished for when we decided to add him to our family. Our home has had laughter we haven't had in years because of him and again I thank you for making our family complete. We never knew what element was missing until he came into our lives. He also continues to have odd nicknames. He is still Bacon, but he is also The Bits, Bacon Bits, Chewbaca, "the terror", Baconator, and "the Little Evil" depending on what antics or mischief he has gotten up to that day. He is most definitely a people person too and a neighborhood favorite. A lot of the neighbors have changed up their walking routes so that they can walk their dogs over this way to say hi to him.

 He has settled into our home so wonderfully that I am glad that we choose him over the other dogs we were looking at. I have included a picture of him here alone and one with Jack.

Thanks again for everything!

Anne Brown


Thought that you'd like to know how Dylan is doing now that he is a year and 2 months old.  I get stopped by people all the time who think he's an outstanding looking Welsh terrier (or Airedale puppy!) and want to know if he is for sale, which he definitely isn't.  He's extremely good-natured and gets along well with other dogs and people.  We've been taking him to the Missouri Earthdog fun days at Purina Farms near St. Louis.  He really likes the 'go to ground' event.  Once he found out that there's a rat (in a cage) at the end of the tunnels he shows no hesitation in going into them.  He also holds his own pretty well in the terrier races.  All in all, we are very pleased with him, he is giving us a lot of fun and enjoyment.  Much thanks.


Allan and Dona Halfar   
We purchased Ozark from you in 2002 and he will be 10 years old in April. He is the BEST dog and we have enjoyed him so much. He does not act his age, he still is very perky and moves well. He is a small Welsh and maintains his 16 lbs. Thought you might enjoy and update 10 years later.

Gail Haylett

Owned by Rosse Family
Washington, DC

Bob, Maureen & Arlo Kruse

Charlie, Owned by Larpenter Family
Hi Joy,
We purchased a Welsh Terrier puppy from you last May. Her name was Ginger when we got her, but we call her Siena now. I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. A month before we bought Siena my husband and I lost our first child, Caleb. We had a completely normal pregnancy with no complications and 10 days before his due date I went to a routine appointment only to learn that his heart had stopped beating and he was not alive. The shock of learning that we weren't bringing our baby home with us and instead picking out a coffin for him was very traumatic. While we were in the hospital delivering Caleb, I asked my husband if we could get a puppy. He said after everything we had been through we could get 2 if I wanted!
So one month after burying our baby we drove and picked up Siena. She has brought so much joy and love into our lives. She cries with us and is so clued into our emotions. She reminds us that there is still joy in the world every time she brings us another toy and wants to play.
Practically, she helped get us out of the house when I am sure I would have stayed shut it. We take her to family gatherings and she helps break the awkwardness that would be there. We love her so much and we say all the time that she is Caleb's puppy. In a way, she is a living memorial in remembrance of our son. Siena came into our lives when many people would not come near because of our tragedy. She has stayed with us in our loneliness and comforted us in our dark moments.
We are now pregnant again with Caleb's little sister, Abigail. She is due March 4th and we are excited to bring her home to Siena. Thank you so much for the wonderful dog you gave us just when we thought life was over. Attached is a picture of her and I and one by herself. Thank you!

RyAnne Carr

Hello! Just wanted to give you an update on Trixie (formerly known as Jade).

What a delightful addition to our family she has been. I don't think her tail has stopped wagging since she came in the house! She is eating and drinking well, bathroom habits are good (only one accident in the house!), and she slept in her crate last night from 10:30-4:30. She is getting to know how cats work and handles our huge cat nicely. We are so impressed with her demeanor and personality. We look forward to many years with her as a member of our family!

We will keep you posted on her progress. Thank you for sharing her with us!

Dawn Brown

Owned by Catalina Leon

Lucas in Maryland
Owned by Andrea Johnson Harvey & Family

Tillie in Illinois
Owned by Nancy Ruzic
Zara, Welsh Terrier (4 months); Tommy, Wire Fox (4 months); Bennett, Wire Fox (14 years old)
owned by Morgan Goldhammer
All from Thomas Terriers...   we are so PROUD!!!    
Dear Ms. Thomas,
In 1997 (after years of begging my parents for a dog), my family bought a wire fox terrier puppy from you. We named him Bennett and I cannot even begin to tell you how much he means to my family. Bennett is 14 years old now and besides his eyes and ears starting to go, he is healthy and energetic. I have attached some pictures of him.
Now I am 23, graduating college, and moving to Kansas City, MO for my job. I cannot take Bennett with me so I was hoping to get my own puppies. I am hoping to get two and I was wondering if it was possible to get both a wire fox terrier and a welsh terrier.
Hi Joy,
All is very well here.  He's eaten a few times today already, little bits here and there.  He's gone potty outside every time after waking from his naps and even had a bowl movement.
He's great with the boys, loves their energy level and even socialized today with the neighbor, 9 month-old Japanese Chin!
So far an absolute angel of a dog!  I can't stop looking at him and thinking how cute he's going to be as an adult too.
I will try and give you some other updates as time progresses and/or hit you up with any questions I have.
Thanks again for a wonderful puppy!
Craig & B
Dillon,  male Welsh  Terrier  puppy
owned by Craig  Larpenter,  Denver 

Hi Joy! Just wanted to let you know Henry is working out wonderfully with our family! He enjoyed a walk the other day at a local state park. (as far as he could go that is before my husband had to carry He has his vet apt. on Friday for his next set of shots! I think he's grown already!

Thank you so much for our "addition"..

-Steve and Jodi Randall

Hi Joy
We got back yesterday from a weeks vacation in Maine on the ocean. Willow went in the ocean. At first she was afraid of the waves but she enjoyed being in the water. I am enclosing a couple of photos. The 1st is her sitting in a chair sunbathing. The 2nd is her taking a nap in our camper. She is doing great and now weighs about 8 pounds.
John & Shelly & Willow
New York
Guess who discovered my fish pond!! His name is now Max and is slowly learning how to live with us. Very slow in the potty training but we love him anyway. He's very loving and wants to see us at all times which can be a little hard sometimes. Thanks for everything, Joy, you went above and beyond to get him here and we appreciate it,

Lorraine Ingalls


Just thought we would send you a picture of Brandy, she just turned a year old.

We absolutely love her, she is a sweet loveable dog, full of energy - we think she sneaks jumping beans for breakfast (she almost jumps on the counter)...

We had her spay and all went well. Every time we look at her we can't help but smile..

Thanks for breeding such a wonderful dog... Hope all is well with you.

Susan & Jim Bowers
Fairfax, VT

Joy and Lowell,

Thank you so much for helping bring Daisi to our family!!!  Our kids were VERY excited and just Love her!!!  She is doing very well and just a good puppy!!!   She is eating and sleeping, peeing and pooping, just like a little puppy should.  She is very active and seems to really be happy!  Thank you so much for the tips with her training, she is responding very well to the schedule.  We never thought you could give a puppy apples and carrots for treats! J  She is scheduled to see the Vet next week.  We have attached a photo with our children!  Our oldest is in college so we even have him on the phone!   J 

Thank you again,
Marci Stock and Family, Garden City MO

Hi Joy!  Linda Page here, daughter of Joe and Jean Leeah in El Paso who got Ozzie a little over 2 years ago from you!  Dad asked me to email and send a picture - he had lost your email.  He wants to share other pictures with you.  Joy, that wild little welsh terrier has added so much excitement and joy to my parents lives that I know the good Lord had his hand in this whole adventure!!  He is the center of their lives and the 3 of them communicate with each other in a remarkable way!  Ozzie is super intelligent and understands pretty much everything they say and do - they talk to him just like they do to me!! 
Dad has just about lost all of his sight now and so life is more difficult in many ways but he is healthy and will have a knee replaced in March so he can get back to his golf, etc!  He has dear friends who line him up and tell him where to aim his shots!  We all worried whether getting a puppy at Mom & Dad's age was the right thing to do.....but my Dad had no doubts and it has turned out to be so much the right decision!
Thank you so much for your part in all of this!
  Hope you and your family and dogs are doing well.
Linda Page

This is Joe and Amy Lawrence, just to let you know how well the puppy has worked out for us. The first several weeks were probably just as much an adjustment for her, as it was for us. Remember, we haven't had a dog in the house in 20 years. But, what a change a month has made. Her name is Claire and she is sooo smart. She learns just about anything the first few tries. She will sit, lay down, retrieve a ball and return it, and even rings the bell by the door to go out and do her business. She's still a little hyper at times, but that seems to get better on a daily basis. Puppy school was also a challenge at first, but is getting better. She isn't afraid of anything! Anyhow, thanks for Claire. She's increasingly becoming a part of the family now. Here's a recent picture of her. 

Cheers Joe and Amy

Hello Joy,

I just wanted to write a note on Fozzie's first birthday to let you know how we're doing. Fozzie has been a wonderful addition to the family—he's such a good boy, very trainable, and so much fun. He lives to play fetch, chew bully sticks, socialize, and lay in the sun, and he's been very gentle toward the new baby (and everyone else). He has a little naughty streak in him and enjoys being chased around and getting into trouble. He's incredibly intelligent, loving, and unbelievably strong and muscular. He needs (and gets) a lot of exercise.  We love him very much, and we're so glad we got him. Thank you for our wonderful dog. Recent photo attached.
Best regards,
The Witkowski Family
Dexter, MI
Hi Joy,
Keegan is doing very well. Luckily I was not feeding him any of the dog foods that have been recalled... 
...Keegan went for his first day of puppy school today which went as well as can be expected. Although he has been socializing with the Sheltie next door and with other dogs we meet along our daily walks, he was able to play with a lot of other puppies today. There were various dogs from a Black Labrador, Pug, Black & White Pekingese, a couple of Shepherd mixes and a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier. Keegan met his match with the Wheaton Terrier. They both played a lot and had a good time. 

Very Truly Yours,
Attached pics of my niece, Jayden and her first day with the puppy. She is doing very well, she's an ornery little thing and likes to get into everything! She's quite amusing though and my mom cant get enough of her. My other dog has taken to her quite well... They get into it every now and then. I think they might be trying to figure out who's boss. They both seem to want to be the boss...

...Hope you enjoy the pics.. everyone loves her! 
This is Lucy with the boys at 5 1/2 months... She has gotten the potty stuff down, but we are still working on the manners.  She is a stubborn little girl.  I will send you more pictures soon. 

Your Friend, Amy Soltys

Joy: Long time.

I was speaking with a neighbor of ours the other day who sees Jo and I walking Mac and said she might call me to find out about your kennel. That prompted me to look for our correspondence about dogs almost 2 years ago. I found it and the pictures you sent me and thought I ought to send you some early and current ones of Mac.

The first picture here is of Jo and Mac in our backyard. The second is him in his winter wonderland last winter in Michigan. The third one we used as a Christmas card last year. The fourth of Mac and Dolce' at Mackinac Island last fall. This is the woman and dog responsible for Jo's fear going away. While Dolce' chased Jo out of their store the first time they met, he and Mac are buddies now, and his folks good friends. All because of the dogs.

We just love him so much and he has been everything you said he would be. He is the child Jo never had. She is very protective.

Thank you so much. I will be in touch when I hear again from our neighbor. Saw the pictures of the new welsh's. Too cute.

Joy, I am sending you a picture of Megan and Rupert having their Saturday Morning Breakfast. I don’t know if you remember me, but we purchased Megan from you 2years ago last Feb. after her brother pup died. Then your next litter (Ruppie’s) we purchased Rupert. They are so much fun and we adore them! And of course they’re both very spoiled and we like them that way. Rupert rules the house and Megan teases him often. Thank you so much for these bundles of JOY!

Sandi Isaacs Hall

Memphis, TN

Zoey 16 weeks, Dakota 2 years.
owned by  Elizabeth Hatch

Ryleigh from Louisville, KY
owned by  Ryan Jones

owned by  Bud Slaughter
Hi Joy,
About two years ago I purchased from you a female Welsh Terrier which we named Reese she is absolutely wonderful.

Anoland Perez, Miami Florida
Hi, Joy,
Just to let you know we finally made it, after lots of air plane switching, we are finally home.  The puppy is doing great, named him Lil Caesar, we also have an Airedale named Cleo and a Rat Terrier named Anna, so Lil Caesar gets lots of play time.  Thanks again for a such a wonderful puppy.  will send more pictures later. 

Ron and Debbie Johlfs
Samson  (with Yorkie friend)
owned by  JC King

Jena with her New Family
Erasamo De La Pena, Montery Mexico

Bactster Brumley Owned by Anne Franklin

Espinoza family and Max

Angus - Owned by Page Heidenreich

Joy Thomas
671 Hwy C
Ulman, MO 65083

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