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K -9 Social Skill & Interaction is very much necessary after you take a puppy home. Do NOT isolate the puppy from other dogs. It needs interaction to remain in tune with K9 connection.  Terriers who are isolated and live only with people, forget how to be Dog Friendly. Do your part, find Playmates that are good disposition and all sizes; good nature is a must. This insures that your terrier will always look forward to play and interacting with other dogs, rather than being a bully or aggressive towards other dogs. Most important time 2-12 months.  Puppy Kindergarten is recommended at 16 wks. This is the ideal age for learning and doing things your way.  Six months plus is the teenager stage and sometimes a little more independent and head strong. I recommend Ceasar Milan CD Dog Whisperer to get in tune to the “Leader of the Pack” method of training , because Terriers can be head strong and somewhat stubborn. The key to success is being the Leader and starting young with the process. Ceasar's theory and skills with body language is key to success. Have fun in Training and your dog will enjoy and excel.

Male or Female debate is the most asked question I get.  In my experience one is not better than another. Its like our kids, no two are quite alike, each has individual traits and quirks that make him Unique. Sex is not responsible for smarter, sweeter or easier to train. Neutering & Spaying is best for any pet. So choose the puppy NOT the sex.

Mature Size 33-49 lbs

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Hi, Joy,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for my wonderful Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier, Darby O’Brumley Werling.  He was born at Thomas Terriers on June 16, 1998, and I purchased him the following September.  He was my best friend and the sunshine of my life for 17 years.  I finally had to let him go on August 5, 2015, due to dementia and mobility issues caused by aging.  He was such a healthy dog and even had nearly perfect bloodwork last spring! Darby enjoyed an active life in Kansas City. 

It was an honor to spend 17 years of my life with Darby.  A friend sent me this quote which sums up how I feel:  “It came to me that every time I lose a dog, they take a piece of my heart with them, and every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart.  If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they.”


Mindy Werling

wned by  Suzanne  Poirier, Arizona

Killian (Gone but not Forgotten)
wned by  Trish Nelson

Hi Joy,

   We wanted to give you a quick update on our little bundle of joy!  She is the cutest, sweetest, smartest dog we have ever seen.  We decided to name her Southpaw.  My husband is a left handed pitcher and Southpaw is the nickname for a lefty.  She is so incredibly smart and I can't remember our house without her.  She has already learned how to sit, shake, and lay down.  She has even mastered going up the stairs; we are still working on going down.  She is sleeping through the night and is already crate trained. 
   Her favorite things are to eat, sleep, chew, play, watch tv, go on car rides, and give kisses.  Southpaw is obsessed with tags on any and everything.  Tags on blankets, towels, toys, clothes... if it has ta, she wants it.  We went to the baby store and got her a blanket and a toy that has tons of tags on them; she doesn't know which one to chew on first.  When her water dish is empty, she signals by digging in it.  We love all of her small quirks and the funny things that make her so special.  She is such a happy and loving dog that is one step behind me wherever I go.

I have attached a few pictures so you can see her!

We can never thank you enough for giving us our little girl!
Tyler, Megan, and Southpaw Kehrer (Illinois)
Hello Joy-
We just returned from the beach with Chloe.  After a fast clean up and brushing here is a current picture of our wonderful Chloe.  She is bringing us so much "joy" with her personality.  She loves fetching tennis balls more than anything, and never tires of this game!!  We ask her to sit and she  will lie down and roll over and then wait for a "treat".
What a cutie.  Everyone she meets just loves her!
Pattie and Doug Johnson

"Hi Joy - Just thought I'd send a recent "family" photo with our little wheaten, Shamrock.  We love him to pieces!  Wish he'd stop growing so fast, though!  His little face is just to die for.  Received the AKC papers you sent us - how wonderful - just mailed them in!  Thanks again!  "Shamrock Blarney" and Emily 

Emily Lenihan"

Hi Joy Hope your Holidays are going well. Wille is growing fast and furious. He really is a love bug. 

Take Care Deb P.S. I'm getting a new
camera soon more pic's to follow.


Allison and Scooby 

Paddy 4 Months (and Pal) 

Jimmy & Friend 4 Months

Jimmy & Clowns
  Thanks Joy!  He has made us very happy.  He is truly a delight. No accidents and slept throughout the night last night without waking up.  I think he actually likes his kennel. He doesn't go in by himself yet, but we throw all his toys in there and put him in and he doesn't try to get out, and he gets a treat for being so good and then we leave the room RIGHT AWAY.  Also, when we go to get him out, we don't go right for the kennel, but instead stall a minute to make him think he's 2nd on the list of things to do.  We're working on the mouthing/nipping, just keeping a chew thing or toy close at hand to replace.  Vet appointment tonight.  I'll let you know how that goes.  Pic attached.  We'll send you some better ones soon. Take care!
Kim Robinson


Renny, Schaffers in New Jersey

Triscuit, Kenee Family in

Joy Thomas
671 Hwy C
Ulman, MO 65083

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